Celebrated Foodies

We’re often told how tasty our eggs are by influential food fans, bloggers and writers. We thought it only right to share such great accolades with our customers.

Thane Prince

Thane Prince was a regular writer with the Telegraph for over 10 years and, through her travels, developed an encyclopedic knowledge of food. She has made frequent appearances on television, with her own series Taste of England, Easy Peasy Japanesy, Food from the Village and In Season for the Taste Network. She has also appeared on UKTVFood’s Market Kitchen. Prince has had nine cookbooks published including The English Summer Cookbook and, most recently, Jams & Chutneys.

“We all use eggs all the time so it might seem extraordinary that something as simple as choosing a Clarence Court egg over any other free range egg can make difference to your cooking and more importantly your eating.
Well I can tell you that picking Clarence Court eggs makes a huge difference: your custards with be rich and deeply coloured, your meringues will rise a mile high, your cakes and doughs will be golden in hue and for me , most important of all, your breakfast, dippy egg will be sublime.”

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James Ramsden

Anyone who has ever eaten a Clarence Court egg will know why this was such an exciting prospect – from the bowling ball-sized ostrich egg to the pretty little quail eggs they are all stunning, with fat, rich, yolks and a flavour that makes the pale, insipid budget eggs seem on a par with pus-charged phlegm.


Fiona Cairns

I have been using Clarence Court eggs for some time – but only the hens and quails eggs and hadn’t actually got around to trying the duck eggs in my cakes. What a revelation! I’m not sure why I had never used them before, I had always been aware that they were supposed to result in great, prize-winning cakes – now I know why! They result in a really amazingly light sponge. Although larger than a hen’s egg, I substituted one duck egg for one hen egg and baked. The extra fat in the yolk and the extra protein in the white result in a lighter, richer cake than you will achieve with hens’ eggs.


Mitch Tonks

Award winning food writer, restaurateur and fishmonger, Mitch Tonks’ name is synonymous with everything that is good about seafood. His knowledge, enthusiasm and energy has won him many accolades include Best Fishmonger, Best Fish Restaurant and Restaurateur of the Year.

Mitch has 3 restaurants – RockFish Grill & Seafood Market in Bristol and 2 in Dartmouth, The Seahorse and RockFish Seafood and Chips.