Behind the scenes

23 August 2010

Clarence Court® has recently created a brand new advertising campaign with WFCA, the integrated, full service marketing communications agency in Tunbridge Wells. Award winning photographer Richard Mountney was flown down from Scotland to lend his expert eye to the campaign which revolves around a fashion shoot featuring Clarence Court®’s top birds; Old Cotswold Legbars and Mabel Pearman’s Burford Browns. The birds were photographed from different angles as they struck pose after pose, coaxed by expert chicken handler Fred who hand-fed them cherry tomatoes and ensured there was plenty of fresh water for them at all times.

Working with animals is usually a tricky job but as photographer Richard Mountney put it, “ I was expecting feathers flying all over…pandemonium…but was stunned by how calm and cooperative the birds were.”

Overall, it was a fun and quirky shoot with fantastic results, producing high- fashion hen adverts for Clarence Court® eggs.