Mark Hix & Clarence Court® support British Egg Week

01 October 2010

British Egg Week runs from 4th – 10th October celebrating the versatility of eggs and sharing delicious egg recipes with a wide audience.

At Clarence Court® we’re passionate about eggs so we wanted to join in the celebrations. The renowned restaurateur and food writer Mark Hix has shared with us some great egg recipes and he recommends upgrading your eggs to Clarence Court® to make the most of his delicious recipes.

Mark says "Many of us take the humble egg for granted and yet a tasty egg can often make or break a dish. I’ve always been a fan of Clarence Court® eggs, they’re packed with flavour. Give your eggs an upgrade for British Egg Week and taste the difference for yourself. Even with a dish as simple as scrambled eggs you’ll notice the difference."

See coverage of Clarence Court® eggs in the Independent and the Times.

Mark Hix