A flock of birds on our farm


When you see a Clarence Court® crown on your egg you can be sure that the eggs will be from our exclusive, well cared for, heritage breeds and will be British, fresh and probably the tastiest egg you have ever eaten.

Clarence Court® rare breed hens eggs are produced around the country. Our speciality farm is in West Cornwall, where we produce duck, quail and seasonal eggs.

Of course all of our eggs are free range but Clarence Court® have a range enrichment programme to encourage the birds to range further, instinctively helping them to range from dawn to dusk. Our distinctive hen breeds eggs have larger yolks with firmer egg whites and stronger shells. As they are closer to their natural ancestors they lay only 180 eggs a year compared to 280 eggs per year for the average free range hen!

"Our hens are fed on the finest natural vegetarian diet with a generous helping of sun-drenched corn which gives a deeper more colourful yolk. We mix our flocks of Legbars and Burfords to bring harmony to the farm."

We are a family run business with free and fair working policies for all our poulterers and employees too. We have arguably the most responsible ethos on livestock welfare, with welfare provisions well in advance of the law.

With full traceability of product, poultry and feed, a modern packing centre, we ensure egg safety to the utmost. We use renewable energy resources on our farms where possible; all plastic and corrugated card is baled and recycled; even pulp pack is manufactured from recycled materials.