Bantam Egg

Bantam eggs on onion tartlets

What makes a Clarence Court Bantam Egg worth a try?

Bantams are small rare breed hens and produce eggs that look similar to our Cotswold Legbar eggs in a pale blue shell, only smaller. The intense dark yolk is richer for scrambling and quiche as the ratio of egg yolk to egg white is 50/50 much higher than a standard hens egg and will give a dark colour.


In season all year round

All our Bantam eggs are sourced from our speciality farm in West Cornwall.


They are perfect fried with upstanding dark yolks and little egg white!

How to fry eggs video

What if I have a favourite recipe already – can I use Bantam Eggs instead?

Bantam eggs are half the size of a standard hen egg and richer so you can replace regular hens eggs but will need several to get to the same volume. They are good for recipes that do not depend on egg white to give air and volume but require a strength of yolk like quiche and scrambled egg.

Delight your tastebuds with these delicious recipes

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Bantams are an ancient breed of birds as Marco Polo wrote about them in his journals.