Emu Egg

Clarence Court® Emu Egg

Emu eggs

What makes a Clarence Court® Emu Egg worth a try?

Emu’s lay their eggs through the winter months laying on average, an egg every third day. She can produce up to 55 eggs in each season but this does vary depending on the British weather!

The eggs are a touch milder in taste compared to a hen egg and possess a fluffier texture. They also boast a high ratio of yolk to white, nearly half white/half yolk, allowing extraordinary results when used for baking cakes.


In season late November to early May. Currently only available in selected Waitrose and Wholefood Stores

If you want to retain the shell for display or decorating you will need to drill a hole in the bottom of the egg to remove the contents, this way the shell should remain in one piece.


Great used in an Omelette or enjoyed as Scrambled egg, prepare as you would using hen eggs. Also brilliant hardboiled and sliced for fantastic twist on the traditional egg sandwich.

What if I have a favourite recipe already – can I use Emu eggs instead?

The eggs are equivalent to approximately 12 hen eggs, therefore it is recommended you weigh out your required amount before cooking - unless you’re after a hearty 12 egg omelette that is!


The Emu lays her eggs whilst standing up, the egg she lays needs to be able to withstand the impact of hitting the ground, hence the very thick shell!