Goose Egg


Goose egg with revueltos

What makes a Clarence Court® Goose egg worth a try?

Our goose eggs are the tastiest you’ve ever had. They’re mouth-wateringly rich and creamy and if you soft-boil them, they’re perfect with shavings of truffles or fresh, seasonal asparagus soldiers. One goose egg is equivalent to 2½ medium hen’s eggs.

Just place the egg in a teacup and tuck into a romantic breakfast for two. (Or one, if you don’t want to share your tasty treat!)


In season late February to early June

All our goose eggs are sourced from our speciality farm in West Cornwall.


A goose egg is much larger than a hen egg and is best had shared. Cooking them en cocotte makes a nice hearty supper.

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What if I have a favourite hen’s egg recipe already – can I use goose egg instead?

As goose eggs are so deliciously large and rich they are ideal for recipes that require more than two eggs or large eggs. Try slices of hard-boiled goose egg with buffalo mozzarella and beef tomatoes for a twist on the regular mozzarella and tomato salad. Please feel free to send in your suggestions of interesting goose egg recipes!

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Geese mate for life and their migratory flight range is an amazing 2000 – 3000 miles.