Guinea Fowl Egg


Guinea fowl eggs with broad beans

What makes a Clarence Court® Guinea Fowl egg worth a try?

New for Spring 2012, Guinea Fowl eggs are the latest Seasonal egg addition from Clarence Court®. They have a thicker oatmeal-coloured shell and a rich flavoursome yolk. Originally native to Africa, Guinea Fowl are very noisy birds and it is not surprising as they have something to shout about. Their eggs are a delicate and elegant treat. Soft-boiled or hard-boiled they add an extra something to salads especially in Mark Hix mayonnaise.
Guinea Fowl hens only lay 50-60 eggs a year and they are not fussy about where they lay their eggs – so we have to keep a careful eye on them to give you the best eggs!


In season late Spring to late Summer

Our Guinea Fowl eggs come from our Speciality farm down in Cornwall not from Guinea!


Clarence Court® Guinea Fowl Eggs are delicious hard or soft boiled boiled.

How to boil eggs video

What if I have a favourite recipe already – can I use Guinea Fowl eggs instead?

You can use Clarence Court® Guinea Fowl eggs instead of regular hens eggs for any recipe. 10 Guinea Fowl eggs equal 7 hens eggs so they are 30% smaller but have a stronger taste so you should be able replace one for one in a recipe.

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Guinea-fowl birds have always been popular in France where some 54 million are produced annually for the table market. In France, guinea-fowl appear in the supermarkets at the end of September in order to coincide with the shooting season -although they are not shot, they are still considered ‘game’ and are therefore a winter rather than summer feast.