Ostrich Egg

Clarence Court® Ostrich Egg

Ostriches and their eggs

What makes a Clarence Court® Ostrich Egg worth a try?

These eggs are an exciting treat when they come in stock.
Why not impress friends with a soft-boiled ostrich egg fondue at a dinner party shared with crudités or as a really unusual starter: hard boil and slice with pine nuts and tarragon. It takes 50 mins to soft boil and two hours to hard boil an ostrich egg but worth the wait. The shells retain their heat after cooking so plunge into cold water to stop them over-cooking. Ostrich eggs make an extra special way to celebrate Easter morning.

Weighing in at nearly 2 kg each ostrich egg is roughly equivalent to twenty-four large hens eggs for cooking in recipes. With a distinctive light flavour and texture they are ideal for cooking


In season April to early September

It’s large smooth hard shell makes it ideal for decorating once blown – it is hard like a china cup so makes a sturdy and interesting shade when painted. Carefully make a hole in the bottom and empty the contents into a mixing bowl to keep the shell intact.

All our ostrich eggs are sourced from our speciality farm in Linconshire.


Ostrich eggs are best soft-boiled or hard-boiled sliced and decorated. They are also good for scrambling for large groups.

What if I have a favourite recipe already – can I use Ostrich eggs instead?

As long as you are aware that Ostrich eggs are equivalent to 24 eggs in a recipe you can convert any recipes that require a lot of eggs.

Delight your tastebuds with these delicious recipes

They are great soft boiled served with crudités, for a big celebration breakfast or scrambled for a family get together.


Clarence Court entered the record books when Lee Streeton at Rocco Forte’s Brown’s hotel made the world’s largest scotch egg using 940g of haggis to cover and 800g breadcrums to coat the egg. Boiling the egg for 90 mins before cooking in the oven. It was used on the Albermarle carving trolley.