Pheasant Egg

Pheasant eggs with radishes and celery salt

What makes a Clarence Court® pheasant egg worth a try?

These eggs are delicious hard boiled with a sprinkling of celery salt. Or you could soft boil them for 3 mins and serve them with some fresh salad and hollandaise sauce. These delectable eggs have deep yellow yolks larger than a quail eggs, but about half the size of a regular hen’s egg. Their shells are a sophisticated olive green and brown, reminiscent of the Farrow & Ball colours.


In season from April to end of June

Our pheasant eggs are sourced from our speciality farm in West Cornwall.


To boil pheasant eggs just takes a few minutes please see the video below for how to boil eggs:

How to boil eggs video

What if I have a favourite hen’s egg recipe already – can I use pheasant egg instead?

"Don’t be put off by pheasant eggs, there is nothing complicated about their use and they are almost as versatile as hens eggs, they’re just smaller and have a richer flavour. I wouldn’t advise using them in baking for example. But they are fantastic hard or soft boiled, added to salads, poached and fried – their flavour makes a great addition to all manner of dishes used in this way, and I think they are the perfect egg to use for Scotch eggs or in my Wessex Cobb Egg recipe, which you’ll find on the website".
Mark Hix

Impress your friends with these delicious recipes

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In America, a delicious whole roasted pheasant is sometimes used as a surprising twist at Thanksgiving, replacing the traditional turkey. Its unique look simply adds to the festivities.