Quail Egg


A pack of quail eggs and a farmhouse salad

What makes a Clarence Court® Free-to-fly Quail egg worth a try?

Clarence Court® quail eggs are a quarter of the size of hens eggs and for this reason make a truly novel way to present eggs. Their small speckled shells hold delicate little eggs with pale yolks which need just 30 seconds to soft boil. Although fiddly to shell they are worth the bother to make wonderful cherry-tomato-sized boiled eggs in salad Nicoise and bite size scotch eggs. They are also delicious poached in a spring vegetable minestrone soup. Great with celery salt as an appetiser and ideal for little appetites too!


In season all year round

Most of our quails are from our speciality farm in West Cornwall.


Quails eggs are great appetisers and as they are small and delicate, will need your concentration to deliver the best consistency. Have a look at the Mark Hix video below showing how to soft boil quail eggs:

How to soft boil quail eggs video

What if I have a favourite hens egg recipe already – can I use quail eggs instead?

As quail eggs are so adorably lilliputian, it is best to stick to recipes that require some finesse in presentation, they are not the right eggs to get lost in omelettes and are too fiddly for white separating meringues. Anything in which small could be beautiful they are worth experimenting with. If you discover an unusual way with quails eggs please share it with us!

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Quail eggs are a popular part of Filipino street-eats culture. They’re dipped in batter, deep-fried and had as an afternoon snack.