Rhea Egg


Rhea egg with asparagus

What makes a Clarence Court® Rhea egg worth a try?

If you are a real foodie, Rhea eggs from Clarence Court® are a must try for 2011, as they are lighter and fluffier than hens eggs but have a stronger flavour. Rheas are often called the American ostrich as they closely resemble the ostrich so their eggs are large and good to share. We’ve got a handful of Rhea birds on our farm in Cornwall to bring a taste of South America to the UK.


In season March to June

Rhea eggs come from our free range farm in Cornwall.


Clarence Court® Rhea eggs are great scrambled or in an omelette or Spanish Tortilla as they are lighter than hens eggs they aerate dishes. They make fabulous custard, chocolate mousse and pancakes too.
Recently featured on the BBC2 programme “Me and my Campervan” they were eaten in a large frittata.

What if I have a favourite recipe already – can I use Rhea eggs instead?

Rhea eggs are the equivalent of 10 hens eggs. Not great fried but lovely soft-boiled. They have a stronger flavour than ostrich eggs (which taste similar to hens eggs) so they are a treat for the tastebuds.

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Rhea eggs are great when blown for decoration so don’t waste the china-like shell by throwing it away.