Seasonal Egg Pack

What makes a Clarence Court Seasonal Egg pack worth a try?

Clarence Court seasonal egg pack gives you a cheeky sample of some of our best loved speciality eggs. With one goose egg, two duck eggs, two pheasant eggs and three quails eggs you can have a lot of fun trying out Mark Hix recipes or simply have a gastronomic sampling session!

Seasonal egg pack


Available from April to June

Our seasonal egg packs come from our speciality farm near the coast in Cornwall


With this pack you can have a lot of fun. Goose eggs are fabulous to share soft boiled with your choice of crudités, pheasant eggs are good hard boiled and dipped in celery salt. Duck eggs make sponges rise beautifully and are also great fried. Hard boiled quail eggs make healthy bite-sized nibbles or try poaching them in soups.

What if I have a favourite recipe already – can I use seasonal eggs instead?

You can use Clarence Court® goose, duck, pheasant or quails eggs in most hen egg recipes but please refer to the page for each egg for specific advice.

Delight your taste buds with these delicious recipes

to see all of our seasonal egg recipes.


After WWII, the UK government commissioned a survey to sample all British bird eggs in order to find a viable alternative to hens’ eggs during rationing. The survey wasn’t that successful – it took longer than the rationing lasted and from over 200 varieties of eggs that were tasted, few were worth eating.
We can assure you ours all taste delicious!